Friday, January 01, 2010

Grunge Lives In Our Hearts

"That is not dead which can eternal lie... And with strange aeons even death may die..." - H.P. Lovecraft (from 'The Call of Cthulu')

That quote can be applied to many things if you hang around long enough... and you can add Grunge to that list of undead things that are being reanimated because Soundgarden are getting the band back together. Hear that? It's the sound of MILFs around the world screaming and preparing to get their tramp stamps reinked.

I know, I know... this news is being screamed by youngsters worldwide today.. but it's a slow day and Umlaut wanted to post something on the first day of the new year / decade.. and my 2009-In-Review rant isn't quite ready yet. To be honest, Skychick is more excited about this news than me... Although I did see Soundgarden a good 6x back in The Day... but when it came to Seattle bands I was mainly a Melvins and Alice In Chains kinda dude when it was all said and done. Anyway, a quick trip to the Umlaut Archives over my morning coffee yielded these artifacts:

A mere 4 days after the release of Badmotorfinger
Oakland Stadium - October 12, 1991
Metallica / Queensryche / Faith No More / Soundgarden

Superunknown Tour

Alice In Chains / Soundgarden
Summer 1994 Fan Club Merchandise Newsletter

Lollapalooza '96 - Spartan Stadium, San Jose, CA
Metallica / Soundgarden / Ramones / Melvins etc. etc.

Down on the Upside Tour


Anyway, there you go... Umlaut's first post of 2010. Grunge should be back in the collective minds of the music buying public this year... I just wonder how the Melvins and Mudhoney feel about all of this since they're the only "Grunge" bands who've survived and kept it real... although I'm guessing they don't even give a fuck. Trivia: Umlaut cannot stand Pearl Jam (Sorry to those Umlaut Nation members who I've just offended... I still love you.. but don't hate my honesty..). Now how about a Tad reunion! Remember when Sleep supported Tad? Me too...