Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Girls Don't

Wow... I know this shows Umlaut's age, but the passing of Doug Fieger of The Knack on Valentines Day is a buzz kill. Yeah, yeah Metal on Metal is the only way.. but Umlaut became a Music Geek before all of that and I have a soft spot for vintage Power Pop. What was that? Well, if you can't deal with that then there are plenty of other dogmatic and opinionated "Metal" blogs out there who can tell you what kind of underwear Meshuggah is wearing or whatever... so move along if you can't deal with Umlaut's record collection.

Anyway, for the newbies: The Knack's 1979 debut album is still one of the best Power Pop albums ever released this side of Cheap Trick. Also, check out their band photos and you'll discover where modern day Hipster bands like The Strokes stole their image.

From the Umlaut Archives

While 'My Sharona' was their signature song, Umlaut's favorite Knack song has always been 'Good Girls Don't' which, as Tour Manager Doug once pointed out, is probably the dirtiest song ever played on AM Radio. Here's the song's video, but with the original "dirty" lyrics dubbed back in to replace the cleaned up words; the censors had changed lines like "sitting on your face" with "putting you in your place", etc.

"... and it hurts." Rest in Peace, Mr. Fieger.