Monday, March 01, 2010

School Night

Cannabis Corpse / Stormcrow / Vöetsek / Wasteoid / Sorrower
Thee Parkside, San Francisco
February 28, 2010

This was one of those shows I could easily have blown off given that it was a Sunday night and a battle with early commute traffic loomed for me the next morning. However, I sucked it up and ventured outside of the safe confines of Casa de Umlaut... and of course I'm glad I didn't puss out.

I made sure to get to Thee Parkside early for once to catch Sorrower since they're hometown mates of Umlaut friends Landmine Marathon and I had met Tim (bass) last year in Phoenix. Sorrower brought a little bit of Arizona to S.F. and played a tight set that ran all of 15 minutes... HOLY SHIT, they sure came a long way to spend so little time onstage. Respect... As they played a guy in a turquoise t-shirt started a mosh pit with himself in an awkward solo thrash session. Under different circumstances it could have been taken for a ritualistic reptilian mating dance... maybe.

The evening's next slot was filled by Wasteoid from Nebraska whose lineup is a dude on drums and another dude on bass and vocals. Their use of sampled dialogue as song intros gave them a crusty 1992 Neurosis vibe... but when Mr. Bass / Vox dedicated a song to his own asshole a generation gap opened up between myself and Wasteoid... call me old fashioned. As a result, I found the Freddie Krueger-style sweater that someone in front of me was wearing more interesting than what was onstage. Sorry, just being honest.

In between bands a classic "only in San Franfuckincisco" Metal Scene conversation erupted involving Umlaut... a member of Ludicra... a local photographer... a local music journalist... and a local Rock poster mogul. Classic.

Vöetsek are a veteran Bay Area band who took the stage with a cocky swagger and dove straight into a great set highlighted by Amy Lawless on the mic. The room was nicely filled and the band was rewarded with some very nice pit action for their Thrashy Hardcore volume. Vöetsek completely won me over when Amy dedicated a song to how completely sexy Lemmy is, which included "his balls and all". I'm almost positive it was the first time I've ever heard Lemmy's nads given props. The band's set closed with their inspired cover of Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit' and I flashed on the image of Lady Day running the pit for a second. Hot.

The last time I was in the same room as Stormcrow was when they supported Coffins last May. The band is classic East Bay Crusty all the way and it was kind of comforting smelling the crusty dreadlocks down front... just like back in The Day. Anyway, yeah.. Stormcrow fucking DELIVERED the fucking DOOM and at times it was like they were looking past the audience into a void and they were playing their music to appease that void... and at one point I was so blown away I tapped Photo Ray on the arm and said "Holy Fuck..." Focused... Brutal.. On another note, Stormcrow sported more Bolt Thrower merch onstage than any band I've ever seen. East Bay Crusties still rule, O.K... See them on tour in the States in May and June.

Sorry, dudes... I bailed before Cannibis Corpse even finished setting up their gear. I don't smoke dope no 'mo anyway.

A Stormcrow CD AND t-shirt cost $20 total... What a bargain! On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag. As I turned onto my street, a RACCOON walked in front of my car. Is that a sign of something? If so, let me know...