Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Ludicra are one of the most inspiring Metal bands that Umlaut has ever witnessed. The fact that they're a hometown band is even better, and they are part of a VERY long list of amazing Metal bands that have been spawned here in the San Franfuckincisco Bay Area.

I'm a Lifer. Metal has been part of my life since I was a teenager here in The Bay Area during the magical, amazing era of the early-80's. For the newbies: Click HERE for a quick visual history lesson. Metal is not a casual thing for me, especially as I've gotten older. It's one thing that acts as a reality check about who I am as a person... and, ironically, it's something that is part of my professional life as well. Metal is, and should be, a lifestyle... and I don't mean just in regards to your fashion sense. If you're serious, Metal is a religion... and it's the closest thing to a religion that I've ever embraced. Metal has helped me to focus my worldview, focused my thoughts when I've needed it, been my friend when I was a lonely, and has also introduced me to some of my best friends... and it continues to do all of those things for me. Metal is not simply "music" to me.

Ludicra are Lifers too. Most of you reading this already know about their current situation, and it breaks my Metal Heart to think about the frustration and stress the band is going through; this trek should be Ludicra's triumphant march across the continent. It's hard enough being an artist here in the 21st Century without having to deal with this kind of reality. Of course, it's terrifying (in a GOOD way) to think how Ludicra will take this adversity and channel it into their music... but first they have to take care of business. Below is the latest info on the band's tour and also how you can help them if you're so inclined. True artists who make sacrifices for their calling are a rare thing these days... alot of other bands would have returned home... defeated... beaten down... but Ludicra are Lifers. METAL.

Courtesy of Profound Lord:

LUDICRA - Tour Update, Donation Info Posted

Figure with word going around on the status and fate of LUDICRA’s “De-Cancellation” tour, it’s time we gave an official update on the situation. The plan is for LUDICRA to soldier on their tour in St. Paul, MN (on April 08) as a four piece until John Cobbett full recovers and can re-join the band for the rest of the tour. Read on how you can help LUDICRA in this time of need...

After having their first big break, in their illustrious ten-plus year career, yanked from them when Mayhem unceremoniously decided to cancel their initially planned return to the U.S. (where LUDICRA were direct support), LUDICRA weren’t going to let this blemish get in the way of touring in lieu of their new album “The Tenant” (which has, so far, become one of the most acclaimed albums of the year). So the band decided to last-minute book a full-on 31 date tour in place of the canceled Mayhem one.

As the tour began, the second day in the tour, guitarist John Cobbett (also the mastermind in HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE of course) felt a pain in his stomach/abdominal area and it was revealed he had appendicitis and that his appendix had burst, along with having an abscess growing inside his body which, in a weird twist of fate, actually helped him. Prior to the tour, before the Pentagram show in SF which LUDICRA recently played, Cobbett felt the symptoms of such a sickness and went to get checked out. Even though he went to get checked out though, the ever reliable and helpful (sarcasm) doctors at San Francisco General Hospital simply dismissed it and told Cobbett there was nothing wrong with him.

So in Olympia WA, Cobbett had to be rushed to the emergency room to be tendered to. He is currently still in the hospital in Olympia and is awaiting word on the doctors of when he can re-join his band mates and is recovering really quickly.

The outpouring from the fans of support has been immense and it just shows the kind of dedicated community a band like LUDICRA can create.


There have been people showing interest and asking on how to make any kind of donation as these medical bills continue to surmount and pile up (that’s U.S. health care for you). But we have posted several donation options (which will remain active for the duration of the tour) for those who want to donate (anything helps of course) and help LUDICRA:

Option 1: If you would like to make a donation to LUDICRA/John Cobbett directly through Profound Lore, simply send a manual payment via paypal here: profoundlorerecords@gmail.com and in the subject line please write “Ludicra Donation” just so we can distinguish it.

Option 2: LUDICRA’s friends WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have also reached out to help. They have posted all their donation info etc. via their myspace blog HERE.

Option 3: Casey C-P , has created a cool poster for the band’s show in Portland and is selling them. All proceed from sales of this poster will go towards LUDICRA. Go HERE to see where you can buy the poster.

Of course any updates (prior to us leaving on April 12th for Roadbrun Fest) will be posted. For the most recent updates on LUDICRA, best to check our twitter account HERE.

And of course we want to thank all the LUDICRA supporters out there who have shown their concern and support towards one of the best American metal bands today. Your support means a lot.

So the De-Cancellation tour now looks like this:

04/08 - St Paul, MN @ Turf Club
04/09 - Milwaukee, WI @ Jackpot Gallery
04/10 - Chicago @ The Underground Lounge (w/Clad in Darkness)
04/11 - Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn
04/12 - Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar (w/Wastelander, Sauron)
04/13 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar (w/KRALLICE, CRUCIFIST)
04/14 - Toronto, ON @ Rancho Relaxo (w/KRALLICE)
04/15 - Montreal, QC @ Il Motore (w/KRALLICE)
04/16 - Portland, ME @ Geno's (w/Ocean, KRALLICE, Aok Suicide Forest)
04/17 - Boston, MA @ O'Briens (2pm day show) (w/Tombs, KRALLICE)
04/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ Europa (w/KRALLICE, CASTEVET, Attake)
04/19 - Philadelphia @ M Room (w/Lair of the Minotaur, Tombs, KRALLICE)
04/20 - Baltimore, MD @ Hexagon (w/Tombs, KRALLICE)
04/21 - Richmond, VA @ The Triple (w/KRALLICE)
04/22 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn (w/Music Hates You)
04/23 – Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
04/24 – Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
04/25 - Austin, TX @ Emo's
04/27 - Las Cruces, NM @ The Trainyard
04/28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Nile Basement (w/LANDMINE MARATHON)
04/29 – San Diego, CA @ Radio Room
04/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ Sabor Lounge
05/01 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Coaster's (w/Dusted Angel)
05/08 - San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord(w/Kowloon Walled City - CD release show for “The Tenant”)