Friday, June 04, 2010

No Credit

The exciting sequel to Art Phag!

Earlier this week Umlaut acquired the 50-page catalog from the auction of Heavy Metal artifacts and historical items hosted by the Hard Rock Cafe back in 2004. The auction took place on November 6, 2004 in New York City and featured items from the likes of Anthrax, Ozzy, Van Halen, Guns 'N Roses, KISS, Sepultura, and Metallica.

The auction catalog cover...

Of specific interest to Umlaut was the 15 PAGES of historical Metallica items dating from 1983-86 from the collection of the band's original manager and record label owner Johnny Z. The items ranged from hand written lyrics to each song from Kill 'Em All (written either by Larz or Cliff... Estimated value $1,000 / $2,000 each), to a copy of the band's original demo tape with the handmade insert card (Estimated value $2,000 / $4,000), to the original art for Master Of Puppets (Estimated value $3,000 / $5,000... Which was a bargain since the art was auctioned off again last year for $35,000!)..... and also THIS item:

It's a note written by Cliff featuring the iconic H.P. Lovecraft quote from his story 'The Call Of Cthulu" and his autograph (Estimated value $500 / $700). However, what makes this listing even more interesting to Umlaut is that the one of MY photos of Cliff was used without my fucking permission!! They should have at least made an effort to credit me. Fuck you very much Hard Rock Cafe...

Anyway.... Just another day in Metal.