Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hell Freezes Over

Ladies and Gentlemen... Hell has officially frozen over. Ludicra, the undisputed headliners of The Bay Area Metal Scene, have infiltrated the mainstream:

WOW.. Ludicra are having quite an action-packed year! From the release of an amazing new album, to the low of an ill-fated start to their U.S. Tour, to the triumphant conclusion of that tour, to being featured in Rock Band and exposing millions of gamers to their beautiful Black Metal ways. There are those who will say Ludicra have sold out, etc. etc. blah blah blah... but what does "selling out" even mean here in the 21st Century?? It's an antiquated term... and I'd rather have a band like Ludicra reap the benefits of something like this than some anonymous crap band. Discuss amongst yourselves. The only bummer is that the band members aren't accurately depicted in the game...

Maybe the gaming industry still hasn't figured out how to accurately and realistically recreate The Black Hoodie... Anyway, as Umlaut used to say back in the 20th Century: Corporate Rock Rules!