Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th

[From the Umlaut Archives]

Not to dwell on this too much, but I just realized that this year marks the same amount of time since Cliff's passing (24 years) as the amount of time that he was alive. Trippy... Anyway, here's something else to try and wrap your head around: This is the poster for the show the band would have played in Copenhagen on the night of September 27, 1986 if they had arrived safely.

The show that never happened..
[Courtesy of K.J. Doughton]

Yes, this was all a couple of lifetimes ago, man... and, despite the nostalgia that tends to hang over this site, I really don't like to dwell on the past too much. Really, I don't... However, Umlaut will always be thankful he saw Cliff perform with Trauma and also saw him onstage 12x with Metallica... and, more importantly, I knew him as a friend. Sacred stuff, man... and, if anything, those times are something that help keep me grounded as the years roll on. Also, that night in Sweden came only 3 years almost to the day after this:

September 3, 1983 @ The Record Vault in S.F.
[From the Umlaut Archives]
  • Kirk: "Lew Baby!!"
  • Cliff: "Fuck All"
  • Lars: "Sorry 'Bout 'Jump'!!"
  • James: "Kill All!"
Trivia: Lars' comment is because I had told him how much I disliked 'Jump In The Fire' on Kill 'Em All compared to its original version as 'The Mechanix' on the No Life 'Til Leather demo. HAHAHAHA!!

Anyway, in keeping with the "Metallica In September" theme, here's something from September 14, 1985 at the Metal Hammer Festival in Germany to remind us all there once was a magnificent being known to us mortals as Cliff Burton who walked The Earth... Never forget.

Meanwhile, back in the 21st Century..... chew on this:

[Courtesy of K.J. Doughton]

"Right now, I'm using a Randall 300 watt head into: 1 Randall 1 x 18 cab and 1 road 2 x 18 cab."

"At this time I only use 2 effects. A Morley Power Ultra Boost and an MXR Limiter."

"I play a Rickenbacker 4001 bass. The 2 stock pickups have been replaced as follows: In the bass position there's a "Gibson EB" pickup. In the treble position, there's a "Seymore Duncan Stacked Jazz" pickup. I have also had a 3rd pickup installed in the bridge. It's a "Seymore Duncan Stacked Strat." Both Duncan pickups are "Humbucking" in design so they help reduce unwanted noise."

For The Geeks: This is the first thing Cliff ever wrote for the original Metallica Fan Club back in the Summer of 1983. His equipment rundown was printed alongside the rest of the band's in the first fan club newsletter.

"Bass solo. Take one."