Friday, January 07, 2011


Phil Kennemore passed away today.

Umlaut is an old fart and Yesterday & Today (aka Y&T) were a very important band for me in my Salad Days. Yes, they eventually succumbed to the Hair Metal bullshit of the 80's, but prior to that they were the quintessential no bullshit Bay Area / East Bay blue collar Rock band; local Rock Heroes in every sense of the word.

Y&T were the forefathers of the East Bay Hard Rock / Metal Pride that Exodus, Machine Head, Testament, and High On Fire still proudly continue today. I was fanatical about the band, especially during the era of their Earthshaker and Black Tiger albums in 1981-83. I drove all over Northern California to see them.

Click HERE to read about my early Y&T fandom and click HERE to see some of my old Y&T photos.

I'm pretty sure Kennemore was the very first "Rock Star" I ever met... I took the following photo at The Keystone Palo Alto circa 1981 and it was autographed backstage at The Keystone Palo Alto at a later show:

(Photo by Umlaut)

R.I.P. Phil... One of my teenage Lock 'N Loll heroes. Cue 'Squeeze'...