Monday, February 07, 2011

Almost Famous

"I will quote you warmly and accurately.." - William in Almost Famous.

Thanks to my friend None But My Own for giving me a heads up about this excerpt from the latest issue of Guitar World magazine:

Click for a larger image..

Guitar World are quoting from something I wrote 4 years ago for Metallica's official fan club publication. However, I never got a call from the magazine's fact checker like in Almost Famous so I couldn't deny everything... HAHA! Hilarious... Although Lars and I were talking on the phone about the movie because we both had Siskel & Ebert on the t.v. as we chatted and they were reviewing it.

We didn't see the movie together as Guitar World says. Otherwise, it's a 100% true story. "Frozen soul, frozen down to the core... Break the ice I can't take anymore.."