Friday, March 25, 2011

Fate vs. Neurosis

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath (1984)

Neurosis - Souls At Zero (1992)

Umlaut's old friends Big Wayne and Jack K were joking around way back in 1992 as they listened to the latest album by Neurosis in an apartment in San Jose, California. As they heard the slower end riff on 'A Chronology for Survival' Wayne remarked, "That's SO Fate!" and Jack got out Fate's Don't Break The Oath album and they made the following list of comparisons between Mercyful Fate and Neurosis lyrics. This list had been forgotten for years... until now..

  • Mercyful Fate: "You're only living on borrowed time.. They say you know the secret, the secret of time.." [from 'Don't Break The Oath']
  • Neurosis: "The healing touch of time has abandoned me..." [from 'To Crawl Under One's Skin']
  • Mercyful Fate: "I was born in the cemetery, under the sign of the moon.." [from 'Evil']
  • Neurosis: "I've slept in the dirt, under the light of the moon.." [from 'Souls At Zero']
  • Mercyful Fate: "Tonight seven souls are reaching Hell.. " [from 'A Dangerous Meeting']
  • Neurosis: "I know our souls have perished.." [from 'Souls At Zero']
  • Mercyful Fate: "Life of the unborn, this one's for the unborn.." [from 'Night Of The Unborn']
  • Neurosis: "The lost city, the lost child.." [from 'Stripped']
  • Mercyful Fate: "I see the gypsy wagons left in the snow.." [from 'Gypsy']
  • Neurosis: "Through this wall of ice I see you.." [from 'To Crawl Under One's Skin']
  • Mercyful Fate: "Iron fists won't do no good against the evil eyes.. " [from 'Satan's Fall'... which is on the Melissa album and not Don't Break The Oath... but it doesn't matter..]
  • Neurosis: "Destroy the eyes of the world.." [from 'Stripped']
  • Mercyful Fate: "Tonight the circle is broken forever.." [from ''A Dangerous Meeting']
  • Neurosis: "The cycles they are clawing.." [from 'A Chronology For Survival']
THANKS to Big Wayne and Jack for sharing this long-lost nugget of Music Geekdom. According to the Umlaut Archives, I saw Mercyful Fate 3x on the Don't Break The Oath Tour in 1984-85 and Neurosis at least 9x on the Souls At Zero Tour in 1992-93.

Don't Break The Oath Tour
(From the Umlaut Archives)

Souls At Zero Tour
(From the Umlaut Archives)

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