Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kidz These Days

The Summer Slaughter Tour
The Fillmore, San Francisco
July 29, 2011

The main reason I attended this year's Summer Slaughter was because it would be the perfect after hours meet up for the creative team behind Murder In The Front Row who have been gathered in San Francisco this week. Yes, production of the tome is proceeding fast 'n furious and the results so far have been both humbling and mind blowing. It's not often you can look back on your life 30 years ago in 6300 dpi glory.

The annual Summer Slaughter Tour features the newer Metal bands the kidz are into these days. These bands are also usually the new Metal bands that make me want to listen to Coltrane, Johnny Cash, or something else that isn't Metal. This year's tour is headlined by Black Dahlia Murder and White Chapel with eight (8) other bands. By the time I arrived at The Fillmore the show had been going on for around five (5) hours and some of The Fillmore staff were openly cranky from dealing with the Metal kidz.

"No Headwalking"... I would bet that sign has been in storage since 1987.. because do kidz these days even have a clue about what that is?

I met my publishing brothers out front at Will Call, was glad to find my name was on the guest list, and we made it inside just as White Chapel started. White Chapel has three (3) guitarists when one (1) good guitarist could do the job. However the kidz on the packed floor were into it and that's all that matters. I like seeing the new generation of Metal kidz having fun... but White Chapel drove us to the upstairs bar where my publishing brothers and I talked business and Old Metal for the duration of the set.

At one point a kid holding a 3/4 full beer cup came up to us and asked "Are you guys 21??" We looked at him blankly and collectively answered "Uhhh... Yes.. Why?"... and the kid mumbled something about how he couldn't finish his beer because he had to drive home and did any of us want it. Oookaay... A nice hippie-like gesture on his part.. but why would we want a cup of his backwash when we can afford to buy our own beer. Silly kid... Now go on your way you little scamp.. Kidz these days... but kudos to the kid for being DUI aware. His parents should be proud.

The thumping from downstairs announced that Black Dahlia Murder were taking the stage so we returned to the main floor. I've seen the band before and wanted to check them out again because the kidz love them and they sell alot of merch.

Again, I like seeing the youngsters have a good time with their moshing and their shoving and their 21st Century version of pit action... but I soon joined my publishing brothers at the downstairs bar. As we chatted over the din coming from the stage, I had a Music Geek epiphany that I didn't expect.. I've been seeing shows at The Fillmore since 1987 and I had never noticed this faux fireplace before:

Does anybody know the story behind this fake fireplace??

Anyway, that was that. We didn't see or really pay attention to any of the bands, but I guarantee we still had a more Metal evening than pretty much anyone else in the building via our conversations. If only you'd seen what our eyes had seen this week... Images of Metal in 6300 dpi from a time before most of you reading this were probably born.

I didn't do a merch audit, but the kids seemed to have a lot of disposable income tonight. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. The show ended promptly at 11:00pm and some of The Fillmore staff were definitely cranky after 7+ hours of dealing with the Metal kidz.. which was funny. To quote Baloff: "Metal rules.. and if you don't like it.. DIE!"