Sunday, September 25, 2011

Metal Command

For the past year my head has been submerged in memories and thoughts about The Old Metal Days as I've worked on Murder In The Front Row with my partners in crime Harald O. and the awesome Bazillion Points Publishing. At the same time there have been many instances of Old Metal coming full circle in my life this year as well (The Big 4, getting back in touch with old friends, etc..). The Metal Godz work in mysterious ways, man.

This weekend I was honored to attend the wedding of Guitar God and old friend Gary Holt. Ironically... actually more like appropriately... both Gary and his bride Lisa were thanked back in The Day in my Metal 'zine Whiplash.

Full Circle!!

Prior to the wedding I noticed a guy who I thought looked familiar but I wasn't sure... Then later during the reception a friend brought the same guy over to me and it was fucking RICK HUNOLT!! For the newbies: Rick was in Exodus during the bloody Baloff-era but eventually retired from the band in recent years; I had not seen Rick since at least 1992. It was an amazing reunion and we talked as if no time had passed in our lives.

Umlaut and Hunolt - September 2011

Rick's 1st Show with Exodus
Wolfgang's, San Francisco - July 11, 1983
(Photo by Umlaut)

Yes, Old Metal came full circle again in my life... and the look on Rick's face when I told him the title of The Book made my year. After all this time it's great to know he's doing well; somewhere Baloff smiled.

"It's time to fight for Metal tonight!"