Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 Years Ago Today

Click HERE to download a FREE soundboard recording of this show... Metallica's 2nd visit to San Francisco in 1982. It's an authorized download so no need to worry about Lars going Napster on your ass here in the 21st Century. My buddy Rich and I helped Metallica load-in before this show. We somehow managed to steal a beer keg from The Waldorf in the process... which ended up in the trunk of my car. Rich remembers:

"Kirk Hammett (then still in Exodus.. who were opening the show) saw us coming out of the freight elevator with the keg and had the funniest puzzled look on his face."

Kirk was still underage like us. Maybe he had never seen a keg before..........

"This one is for all you Rivetheads.. This is our ode to Headbangers song..."