Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Final Night Of 1985

The final night of 1985 in San Francisco:

Although the flyer listed Anthrax as being on the bill they cancelled and did not play. In reality MEGADETH opened the show. So, Metallica and Mustaine shared the stage again MUCH earlier than most people think. It's absolutely true and the official timeline on the Megadeth website comfirms it. Also, the headliner played 'Master Of Puppets' for the first time that night; here's what it sounded like:

According to the Metallica website they have now played the song over 1,375 times since that New Year's Eve in their hometown. Meanwhile back in the 21st Century, I really need to listen to some new music in 2012... my head has been stuck in the past too much this year.

"End of passion play... crumbling away.."