Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bonded By Baloff

Unfortunately, Umlaut was unable to attend the historic Bonded By Baloff show that took place last weekend in Oakland.

A very epic, Old Bay Area Metal bill that featured Exodus being joined onstage by former guitarists Kirk Hammett (who?) and Rick Hunolt (The H-Team of Holt and Hunolt reunited!), and bassist Jeff Alexander.  Anyway, as my own belated tribute, I am posting these:

The very first (blurry) photo I ever took of Baloff..  Exodus - The Stone, San Francisco - March 5, 1983 with Jeff Alexander on bass, Kirk Hammett and Gary Holt on guitars, and Tom Hunting on drums.

Murder In The Front Row:  The pit during Exodus at Wolfgang's, San Francisco - January 30, 1984 (Photo by Wayne Vanderkuil).  See if you can spot the not-old-enough-to-buy-alcohol Umlaut flipping the camera off.

Anyway... This has been my humble tribute to my old friend and Metal hero.  Ten years gone.. Rest in Peace, Baloff.