Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Witching Hour

Tonight a friend sent me an iPhone pic of Mantas of Venom. He was playing a show down in Santa Clara with his 2012 band who I guess are called M-Pire of Evil. Clever. Anyway, it reminded me that I had this in my closet:

It's a 1983 VHS tape that my Metal comrade and Whiplash co-editor Sam Kress (R.I.P.) brought back from a trip to England. It had been given to Sam by Venom's then manager and has the 'Witching Hour' and 'Bloodlust' videos on it. A VHS tape in 1983 was still a magical item and VCR's were still the size of a small car that few families owned. The fact we had a VENOM video that no one else had was beyond mind blowing. This was also probably the only copy in existence outside of England.

I know it's impossible for kidz today to understand what a novelty it was for us to see a band on video when you can see video with a click on YouTube now. However, in those ancient times, this VHS tape was like receiving a gift from Satan himself. To actually see Venom moving instead of only in magazine photos was a revelation... even if Cronos was lipsyching. Fast forward to the 21st Century and I sound like an old man talking like this when watching these very same videos is this fucking easy:

'Witching Hour'


Mantas in 2012 looks nothing like he did back in The Day; he should at least grow back his 80's porn star moustache. Although, his 2012 band M-Pire of Evil also features Tony Dolan of underground 80's U.K. Metal favorites Atomkraft. Probably the first article ever written about Atomkraft appeared in Whiplash #1 written by Sam in 1983:

[click for larger image]

If I had been paying closer attention I might have made the effort to see the show down in Santa Clara tonight. Oh well...