Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Murder In The Library

According to the catalog of the San Francisco Public Library there are 13 (!) copies of Murder In The Front Row available at various branches of the San Francisco library system. That's really cool, right? However, THE most mind blowing thing is a copy is part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco History Center at the Main Library! According to the History Center's website:

The Daniel E. Koshland San Francisco History Center contains a research collection of books, newspapers and magazines, photographs, maps, posters, archives and manuscript collections, and ephemera, documenting all aspects of San Francisco life and history. The Center is also the archives for the City and County of San Francisco.

In other words, Murder is part of the OFFICIAL historical archive of San Francisco and a copy is housed alongside documents and books that date back to the 1800's! Insane, right?! The fact that the curators of the History Center deemed Murder and the subject of Bay Area Metal to have legitimate historic significance for San Francisco is completely amazing.

Recently, Umlaut visited the magnificent Main Library in San Francisco and took the elevator to the 6th Floor to visit the San Francisco History Center.

The History Center is one of the "high security" areas of the library. You cannot simply browse through its collection; everything is kept behind secure areas under archival conditions and no items can leave the Center. Visitors are required to sign in and when you request to see something from the collection you also must leave an ID with the front desk.  After you make your request, you are asked to take a seat at a table, and a reference librarian brings the book to you. The librarian who brought Murder out from the archive room was wearing white archival gloves! What. The. Fuck.

"Keep the library CLEAN: No eating or drinking"

I am not a number.. I am a free man!

Our parents are so proud. Harald and I now have a Dewey Decimal number

"Please use PENCILS only"

The Mark of The Beast

Murder Forever

In all honesty, my mind is still spinning about this. Murder In The Front Row will be a part of the official history of San Francisco long after we are gone. Discuss amongst yourselves..