Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kill 'Em All Thirty

On this date (July 25th) in 1983 the debut album by a pimply-faced local band called Metallica was released on Megaforce Records.  The album was titled Kill 'Em All and that week Synchronicity by The Police was the #1 album on the Billboard charts.  I hated The Police.  Meanwhile, on that July day at The Record Vault in San Francisco:

 Rich "Bang That Head That Does Not Bang" Burch
[From Metal Mania #12]

The copy of KEA that Umlaut bought at The Record Vault on July 25, 1983

It was also the first album I was ever thanked on.  Time flies, man... Time flies. 

"No life 'til leather.. we're gonna kick some ass tonight... got the Metal Madness.."