Sunday, November 24, 2013

It Was 20 Years Ago...

Earlier today the Melvins posted a vintage video clip from 1993 of a moment that Umlaut had completely forgotten about:

Click HERE to see the video (embedding has been disabled).  It was posted by sound engineering legend Billy Anderson who says:  

This is the un-edited version of the Gene Simmons/Melvins thing at the Palladium in 1993. For better or worse... Also included: Myself and Jason destroying a radio for some reason, Dale 's kit at check, a giant fist in Detroit, soundcheck at the Palladium, a little clip of Primus, the Simmons backstage incident (he accidentally locked his bass backstage and was supposed to be onstage performing with the Melvins..I was at the soundboard and had no idea what was happening..) and subsequent entire cover of Goin' Blind, and finishing with a short clip of Plainfield (feat. Jeffery "Smelly" Griffin, and Trey) playing in Olympia. For some reason. Sorry for the frankenclip, i don't know why all these things are jumbled in one clip, but that's what i got. It is what it is-20 years old and hard to remember. Enjoy.

Besides all of that Rock Star action, this also happened backstage at The Palladium that night:

From Umlaut - Issue 9

Yes, The God of Thunder himself anointed my original xeroxed Umlaut 'zine with the help of Acid King and the Melvins.  Pretty historic, hysterical, and amazing in hindsight... It was in the days when Grunge was all the rage and burned in our hearts.  I'm pretty sure Gene Simmons would charge me for use of this other photo from that 1993 night now:

Umlaut - Issue 7 with Gene's bass... Next to King Buzzo's iconic original Les Paul that had the Rock and Roll Over decal on it.  Note that "someone" had added God Of Thunder makeup to my cover photo of The Skipper!

"I'm 93... You're 16.."