Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Department Of Youth

Peace In Rest Dick Wagner...

In Umlaut's salad days of the late-70's when I was in 7th Grade I would stop at my friend John Lutkenhouse's house after school.  Besides being World War II nerds we'd also listen to his older brother's albums; his brother was off serving in the military so we had free reign over his stereo and albums.  The 2 albums we listened to the most by far were KISS Alive! and Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare.  It's safe to say that without those 2 albums I would not be who I am today; I would be a completely different person.

"Department of Youth" (Cooper, Wagner, Ezrin)  

Of course, Mr. Wagner also played guitar on KISS - Destroyer which was another touchstone album of my youth... and also on the Lou Reed album Rock 'N Roll Animal which was an important album to me in my later years.

Peace In Rest, Dick Wagner.. Peace In Rest.

"We talk about this whole stupid world and still come out laughing.."