Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kidz Talking To Kidz

Sometimes time travel does exist. For a brief moment in the mid-80's there was a Metal fanzine based in Napa, California called Crucible.  I had a mutual friend with the editors and contributed to a couple of issues when I found myself between fanzines.   Long story short,  I had completely forgotten about doing the following interview that is touted on the cover as:

"Exclusive - Lars Talks About The Incredible 8 Album Contract With Elektra"
Thanks to my old friend K.J. Doughton for pulling this out of his archives.  So, without further ado, I present this archival gem from a conversation that most likely happened in the Summer of 1984:

The 20 Year Old Me Interviews The 20 Year Old Lars Ulrich 

There are some interesting details about the band's signing with Elektra and Lars' thoughts on the state of the band at that moment.. but a couple of highlights for me are:

"Look for 20 or so dates with KISS..." (... it did not happen)

... and the 20-year old me NAILED IT:

"It'll be interesting to see what Metallica is up to five albums down the line. With 8 albums to work with some kind of musical change is inevitable."

"Five albums down the line" ended up being Reload...

Anyway, these 2 pages are a pretty interesting time capsule from a moment in Metallica history when Lars was still living in a rented house in El Cerrito with 3 roommates (one of whom was the legendary Clive The Dog).  It would have been very hard to imagine him attending a non-Metal event such as New York Fashion Week 30 years ago.. but sometimes the Metal (and Fashion) Godz work in mysterious ways, man.  Cue 'Escape' I guess...

"Break away from your common fashion.. See through your blurry sight.."