Thursday, November 12, 2015


Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor left this mortal coil last night.  The classic Motörhead lineup changed my life in a way that no other band ever did.... and this is the song that made Motörhead my favorite band when I was a pimply-faced teenager and they made me forget all about Van Halen:

"The only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud!" 

This 12" piece of vinyl has been following me around since I was 17:

This is my favorite classic lineup photo.. Everything about them is embodied in this one image:  the sense of danger.. the swagger.. the sense of humor.. the Metal.  I was fascinated by it as a suburban teenager.  It was one of those band photos that made Motörhead seem larger than life.. but also approachable.. and they were both.  When it comes down to it this lineup is the only band that matters.  All other bands that came after this trio are posers in comparison.  All of them.

Peace in Rest, Philthy Animal Taylor.

"Don't sweat it... Get it back to you.."