Sunday, January 24, 2016

Holy Diver Stargazer

Fuck you, 2016.. The Rock Heroes just keep falling!!  Photo by the teenage me: 

Jimmy Bain with Dio... San Jose Civic, San Jose, California - October 5, 1983.. Holy Diver Tour.  Oddly, they played an early show in the afternoon and a late show that night. This is from the late show and both were recorded and later broadcast on FM radio stations around the country by the King Biscuit Flower Hour. 

When we arrived at the venue, Cliff Burton and Jim Martin were hanging out front and Cliff immedately offered me a beer from their 12-pack. Once inside I was smashed against the stage and after the support band Queensryche finished I needed to put a new roll of film into my trusty Canon AV-1. As I went to put the new roll in I dropped it and it fell into the void at my feet; I was jammed too tightly against the stage by the crush of the crowd to bend down and get it. Amazingly, the guy next to me had an extra roll of film and gave it to me!! I never found out who he was since he disappeared once the show got started and things got rough down front. 

Peace in Rest, Jimmy Bain.. To paraphrase from 2 of the most iconic songs he played on: "Oh I see his face.. like a rainbow in the dark.."