Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pimply-Faced Teenagers

Four months ago back on 4/20 (Dude!) Umlaut found himself at Metallica HQ in Marin County, California in front of a professional film crew from Spotify talking about *that band* again.  It was a long afternoon but a fun experience.  The results are launching today as a 4-part, 27 minute long documentary called Metallica: The Early Years as part of Spotify's new Landmark video series.

Take 3...

Honesty is my only excuse:  I've never used Spotify... but everyone I worked with during this project from the company were very nice and appreciative.  Spotify also licensed the use for quite a few photos from Murder In The Front Row for the film which was much appreciated by my co-author Harald and I.

So.. now whenever I see something on the Internets ranting about Spotify destroying the "music industry" or something like that I'll be conflicted and confused.  Anyway, you can watch the first episode on the Spotify Facebook page and all 4 episodes only on the Spotify mobile app (non-paying members have access to them).

Click HERE to check 'em out.  No Life 'Til WiFi...