Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29th

Where I was tonight in 1982 in San Francisco: A band from down south returned to S.F. to headline their first show here on a Metal Monday night. Also on the bill was Exodus with KRK. The nervous headliners taped a note to a monitor to remind them what to say to the audience. Adorable, right?  

Afterwards at the hotel it raged late and I lied to my parents that I was crashing at a friend's house and would be going to school in the morning. 

I didn't go to classes the next day and instead hung out with the band all day in S.F. as they added a last minute 2nd show the following night at the Mabuhay Gardens as a benefit for Ron Quintana and his Metal Mania fanzine.

Stay in school, kidz.