Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Strangers When We Meet

I know I'm at "that" age when this kind of stuff happens.. but still..

Shit.. Another old rock hero gone!? I loved The Smithereens when they first came out.. Their first tour in 1987 at One Step Beyond in the 'burbs of Santa Clara.. Then the show at The Stone in San Francisco in 1988 which was one of the most drunken and great shows I've ever seen a band perform.. Pat got on his knees and guitarist Jim Babjak put a beer on his head and hit it off into the crowd using his guitar like a baseball bat. Later I was standing up front and didn't see Babjak onstage but his guitar was still coming out of the PA.. and I turned to my left and he was standing right next to me smiling as he wandered around the club playing via his wireless.

A very sold rock band when I needed one in my life when metal was boring to me for the most part. 

Peace in Rest, Pat DiNizio.