Monday, March 29, 2004

A Tale Of Two Nights

The Von Bondies / Vue
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
March 26, 2004

High On Fire / Old Grandad
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
March 28, 2004

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." So saideth Charles Dickens in an old book I once read.

The Von Bondies: When I walked into the Great American I noticed all of the kids who were in The House. The number of Abercrombie & Fitch outfits was noticeable. Some guy was telling another guy about an article he read in Rolling Stone. I miss the days of 'zine conversation at shows ("Dude! Have you seen the new Racecar?!"). Still, I must admit that I dig the Von Bondies. They have a badass Asian Brutha on drums who makes you wonder why Meg White even qualifies to be called a drummer from Detroit. The Vue are like the Brian Jonestown Massacre without The Habit. Number of Judas Priest shirts seen = 0.

High On Fire: When I walked into the Bottom of the Hill I noticed all of the neck tattoos in The House. The number of face tattoos was noticeable. Twas the Goddess of Acid King's birthday. When else you gonna see the bassist from Sleep walk through a crowded club with a lighted birthday cake?! I ain't never seen that before.. and I've been around. Even if they are the Nu Motorhead, HOF's '10,000 Years' is still one of the most godhead songs ever. The fact that they played it was reason enough for me to be there. It's comforting seeing Old Grandad 'cause the bassist also works at Rainbow. I see him rocking AND I see him when I buy my food. That's really Zen. Number of Judas Priest shirts seen = 2.

On both nights, on the way back to the car, some pimply faced teenagers called me a fag. A fight broke out at the Von Bondies. There were no fights at High On Fire. I guess the Alternative Rock crowd is tougher than the Metal crowd. Bummer. Beer count = 1 at Von Bondies, 2 at High On Fire + pre-show margueritas.

The verdict: I'm old.