Sunday, April 11, 2004


Virgin Megastore, San Francisco
Easter Sunday, 2004

All Australia needs is a band named after a train and there could be an Aussie Trains, Planes (Jet), and Automobiles (The Datsuns) Tour... Where's an A&R guy when you need one?! It annoys me that EVERY rock band that comes out of Australia is compared to AC/DC. Any knowledgeable rock fan will recognize that Jet is more akin to Rose Tattoo! Look 'em up. IMO on the obligatory retro rock comparison chart Jet = The Faces / Humble Pie.

Holy shite... Did I miss the boat on this band! I blame MTV / VH1 / MTV2 / Apple iPod commercials for assaulting me non-stop with Jet's ubiquitous 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'. I simply refused to give 'em a chance.. I'm sure a lot of the kidz in attendance were bummed the band wasn't wearing the retro military uniforms that they wear in the MTV video. But I like my rock bands with long greasy hair, wrinkled clothes, and a cocky swagger.. and when they started playing it was good 'ol fashioned '30 Days In The Hole' style Lock 'N Roll.

Me wrikey rots.

In time honored Lock 'N Loll fashion, the band was 45 minutes late... Jet are learning how to be Rock Stars the old fashioned way. And since it was a free in-store thing they only played 20 minutes... But I was sold. I'll throw down some green to see 'em next time 'round.

On the way back to the car some pimply-faced teenagers called me a fag. Afterwards I "jetted" down to San Jose for Easter dinner with my family.. On the way I stopped at a fine indie record store to score the Jet CD used.. 'Get Me Outta Here' and 'Cold Hard Bitch'.. I may have found a new favorite band to carry me through the upcoming Summer of Darkness Backlash.