Friday, August 20, 2004

Cold Steel and D20 Glory

Dungeons & Dragons Turns 30

Umlaut's copy of the Advanced D&D Players Handbook (circa 1978)... and an unholy beast!

"Something's taken a child, and it all must end...Time to be killing the dragon again.." - Ronnie James Dio

Long live Krago The Dwarf! Gone these many years.. Decades actually.. But his character sheet bears witness to his glorious life. His tomb shall be graced with flowers and legend forevermore. Children shall sing of his exploits... Men shall wish to be like him... Women shall wish to be betrothed to one like him.....

Actually, all of that D&D crap is in a box in the attic with a bunch of other stuff I haven't looked at in probably 10 years.

"Circles and Rings.. Dragons and Kings.. Weaving a charm and a spell.." - Ronnie James Dio