Sunday, August 22, 2004

Romeo Delight

As a footnote to a spirited and classic BBQ debate this weekend (complete with air guitar), this post is dedicated to Joey Acid King.

Women & Children First Tour. One of the best concerts I saw in high school. It was David Lee Roth's 26th birthday and they wheeled a giant cake onstage with a stripper inside (natch!)... Roth also announced that the show was being recorded for a live album (It was never released..). The guys sitting next to my friend did lines of coke off a pocket mirror.

Fair Warning Tour. The only thing I can remember about this gig is that the sound sucked. However, if you ever see the video for 'Unchained' it was filmed at these Oakland shows.

"I'm takin' whiskey to the party tonight.. and I'm lookin' for somebody to squeeze.."

P.S. By 1982 I was *over* Van Halen and all about Iron Maiden.