Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Best DVD Ever

Before Harry Potter there was Eddie.

My best friend in high school and I stumbled across the Killers album in the import section of the local Tower Records circa 1981. We loved the cover so we each bought a copy. Between 1981-85 Maiden were just about my favorite band.. When they finally made their S.F. Bay Area debut in July 1982 (opening for Foreigner / Loverboy / Scorpions at Oakland Stadium) it was total godhead.

Oakland Stadium - July 18, 1982 (Pic by Timo)

Maiden ALWAYS did things right when it came to their fans. Their tourbooks from the 80's are still amazing to me, filled with minutiae that only a hardcore fan would appreciate. Their new DVD continues that tradition.

DVD = 5 hours of Maiden in their prime circa 1980-83. So fucking METAL. Everything else that came out this year pales in comparison. Why? This is an example of a band releasing something the right way: From the heart. Filled with minutiae that only a hardcore fan would appreciate. No footage of them with a therapist. Biggest Geek Moment = FINALLY seeing the 1980 promo video for the song 'Women In Uniform' that features Leslie Ash (aka Steph from Quadrophenia).. GEEK!

Maiden introduced me to English soccer after I learned the meaning of "Hammers Rule O.K.". The phrase was cryptically printed (at least to us Yanks) in their album liner notes. I used the phrase in my senior testimonial in the high school yearbook (GEEK!)... Which I closed with the promise of "England or Bust!."

Years later on my first visit to London I came across a West Ham team button. At that time, I hadn't listened to Maiden in awhile and seeing the button was a profound moment. It felt like a circle was completed... one that began in that Tower Records in 1981. That button is on my world-weary black Levi's jacket that's hanging on the coat rack in the next room (GEEK!).

I've seen Maiden on their past 2 tours (2000 and 2003) and they were still amazingly great even after all these years.

O.K.. I'll shut up now.

Up The Irons. Hammers Rule O.K.