Friday, January 28, 2005

Green Wayne

So, Umlaut taped Green Day's recent performance on Last Call with Carson Daly since he really digs their latest album. It's funny to be back into a band again that I haven't listened to in around 13 years.

Anyway, prior to the performance they showed a short documentary on the band and flashed an old picture of them onstage at Gilman St.. In that split second I thought to myself "HEY! That's WAYNE in the picture!!" A quick rewind and freeze frame confirmed it (Wayne is bottom left of the shot):

Big Wayne and Umlaut have known each other since the Paleolithic Era.. He once helped others throw me onstage at a shithole club in Berkeley during a band's set. When reached for comment, Big Wayne said:

"I think it was Blatz and Filth opening and 1992 but I can't verify it. It was easy to pinpoint since I only bothered to see them 3-5 times since it wasn't all that cool to like them since they were kind of poofy. Neurosis and Green Day played together as well. I remember Steve saying that he knew they would be huge but couldn't figure out why they were on the same bill."

And the rest, as they say, is history.


The above pic was taken by Old Umlaut friend Cammie.. Click HERE to see her fabulously Old School 1992 Maximumrocknroll photo essay / article on Russian Punks.


Umlaut has since been informed that the above pic was not taken by Old Umlaut friend Cammie. However, these Gilman shots from back in The Day were!

"You want to figure it out? Well, throw down your bulldog front..."