Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Yellow Peril: Now More Than Ever

Umlaut generally avoids being overtly political in this space.. However, this week's return of that age-old threat "The Yellow Peril" is too insidious to stay silent about. I'm just thankful the threat was uncovered during Inauguration Week. How crazy is THAT?! I implore all readers to be suspicious of anyone who looks like me. Of course, like a good Amer-i-can, I will do the same. Me love America, long time.

"The FBI on Thursday added the names of nine Chinese people and one other man to the list of those being sought for questioning about a possible terror plot targeting Boston."

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"FBI spokesman Joe Parris said the names "were developed as a result of the ongoing investigation" but did not signal that credible evidence has emerged indicating such a plot actually exists. "Information is still uncorroborated and from a source of unknown reliability and motive," Parris said."

Better safe than sorry, Joe.. If Chinks involved you know it gonna be a KICK ASS plot. It be ace, numbah one plot, Joe... you see!

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"Chinese immigrants were also reported in the print media of the early 1800s as eating vermin, murdering young virgins to drink certain bodily fluids, and acting generally as "less than human beings." One journalist described Chinese immigrants as "utter heathens, treacherous, sensual, cowardly and cruel."

"No time for love, Dr. Jones.."


UPDATE - Saturday, January 22, 2005

"Authorities are continuing to search for 12 other Chinese, two unnamed Iraqis and one Hispanic man who may have been part of the same group. But no evidence of terror motives has surfaced, as the tipster claimed."

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"We're going to investigate it to its logical conclusion, but to date there's no corroboration of the original claim," FBI spokesman Joe Parris said."


UPDATE - Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"The FBI said Tuesday that the possible terrorist plot reported against Boston by a tipster last week was a false alarm."

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"No evidence was ever found for such a plot. Still, authorities stepped up security in Boston, and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney skipped President Bush's inauguration in Washington."

Better wruck next time, gwailo!