Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Big Blow Off

Submitted by Sonny:

Here’s a story my daughter told me – can’t stop thinking about this one for some reason:

One of her friends – let’s call her "Helen" – works in a health food store. I asked my daughter how Helen liked the job. She replied that Helen had quit. In fact, she had to quit before they fired her.

This happened because of a certain guy who came into the store regularly. He was paying Helen unwelcome attention. Eventually he worked his way around to asking her to go out with him. She didn’t want to, but this guy was persistent. He kept asking.

One day he came in and asked for one of those healthy natural protein shakes. While she was making it, he asked her to go out with him. Frustrated beyond endurance, Helen added an unauthorized ingredient: a product sold under the trade name Colon Blow. It’s a natural laxative.

The unsuspecting guy drank it down. He knew nothing of the Colon Blow additive. But apparently it produced explosive results. He came back the next day to complain to the manager. And that is why Helen had to quit her job on the spot… before they could fire her.