Monday, May 23, 2005

Random Rock Star Moment #13: Nirvana

Submitted by Lori Acid King:

Nirvana / God's Acre / Bhang Revival
Metro, Chicago, IL
April 1, 1990

In 1985 I formed my 2nd band, called Bhang Revival, when I was still living in Chicago. At this time in my life I was just moving on from my Punk Rock / Street Metal days and I was totally mixed up about what I was into musically. I was totally influenced by Girlschool and I thought every all-girl band sucked back then. Kelly Johnson was my idol and I was determined to be in a good all-girl band where I would be cranking out the guitar leads! I think I was ahead of my time.

No one knew quite what to do with Bhang Revival. We were Rock but also Punk but also Pop. Back in those days Chicago was all about Amphetamine Reptile and Touch & Go, which as ya know were the Anti-Rock Rockers! We were too Rock for them, but not Rock or Metal enough for what else was going on in town. Smashing Pumpkins were just starting, along with Sub Pop, so we ended up playing with a lot of those bands.

I also lived in the Rock N Roll Holiday Inn. We always had bands stay over and had met Nirvana the last time they were in town. I think there were a total of 20 people at their show just a year earlier. We hung out when they stayed over and we became Rock pals.

So a year later they come back and we got on the bill with them. At this time I had a HUGE crush on Peter Houpt, the lead singer/guitar player from God's Acre. They were the pioneers of bringing back 70's Rock with their own influences. They were a big influence on me and I was psyched to be playing on this bill.

It was a Sunday night and I took off of work on Monday anticipating that Peter and I would do The Hook Up after the show! Nirvana pulled up and we said our hellos. They were so nice. They ran out to get food to make sure they got back in time to see us play since we were on first.

The show was packed, but this was before
Nevermind became a Top 40 hit, so it was still a normal show. We played and I honestly don't even remember it. I think we were pretty good that night. Kurt Cobain gave us the thumbs up!!

God's Acre played and I see Peter is with another girl. CRUSHED! I started drinking Miller Genuine Drafts to drown my sorrow and embarrassment. I didn't have to take off of work. What was I going to do all day now?

At the end of the night the local rock photographer Gene Ambo was there snapping some photos. We all just happened to be hanging out at that time, so we got our photos taken.

Nirvana and Bhang Revival (Lori - 2nd from right)

As you can see I was pretty wasted on MGD! Is that possible?

After that show I eventually did hook up with Peter and we went out for the next year. Nirvana got huge and that was the last time I ever got to talk to them again. After they kicked out Chad and Dave Grohl joined,
Nevermind came out and they played the Metro again. We were on the guest list but the place was completely sold out. That was also the infamous moment when Courtney Love flew in to get her man.

Peter became a full blown alcoholic, got the sister of Darcy from Smashing Pumpkins pregnant, and nothing ever became of God's Acre. Kurt Cobain killed himself and, well, I moved to San Francisco. I'm the only one
still in a band who was on that bill on 4/1/90!!


For the Geeks who care, here is Nirvana's setlist from that night (courtesy of the Live Nirvana web site):

* Love Buzz
* Floyd The Barber
* Scoff
* Dive
* In Bloom
* School
* Spank Thru
* Breed
* About A Girl
* Big Cheese
* Stain
* Been A Son
* Negative Creep
* Blew

Grunge lives in our hearts.