Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Best Fight Ever

Twenty-three years ago (1982!) Umlaut was WAY into Manowar's debut album (featuring a spoken word performance by Orson Welles).

False Metal was my bitter enemy and Manowar (despite their fur boots) were my allies.

When Metallica played shows with Manowar in 1984, Lars Ulrich called them "Manowank".

Fast forward to the 21st Century and this is the last Lock 'N Loll fight Umlaut ever expected:


One of these bands is English.....

Truth be told, Umlaut has been an Oasis fan for years. I traded in my fur boots YEARS ago. In England they call cigarettes "fags".

Death To False Metal... Definately... Maybe.

From Blabbermouth.net:

OASIS Frontman Slams MANOWAR Over 'Loudest Band' Claim - July 25, 2005

Canada's ChartAttack.com is reporting that British rockers OASIS have an unlikely new adversary - Auburn, New York heavy metal band MANOWAR.

That's what happens when you stop singer Liam Gallagher in mid-brag about how OASIS are "like, the loudest band in the fucking world onstage" and tell him that the Guinness Book Of World Records instead favors MANOWAR.

"But they're loud and shit though, aren't they? They're just shit," Gallagher says emphatically.

Seated beside him, bassist Andy Bell is somewhat perplexed.

"Who are they anyway?" Bell asks. "Heavy metal?"

"Fuck MANOWAR," interjects Gallagher decisively.

There's a pause as Liam's insult sinks in. Then Bell replies dryly, "That was a good point anyway. A bit blunt of you, but well made."

TRIVIA: Manowar ARE in the Guinness Book Of World Records for cranking out 129.5 decibels through 10 tons of amplifiers and speakers at a 1994 show in Hanover, Germany. Umlaut says "Call me a poser, but I'm glad I wasn't there.."

"No one’s gonna ground us, we were born to fly... Comin' at us no stopping.. Born to amplify..." - Manowar