Sunday, August 07, 2005


Thor [click for link] was a blonde and muscled "Metal singer" in the early-80's who would get lots of coverage in Kerrang! magazine. Obviously, he was trying to capitalize on the popularity of Metal AND He-Man.

"HEY! You got He-Man in my Metal! And you got Metal in my He-Man!" [click for larger image]

He was a fixture in Kerrang! the way Dee Snider was back then.. (Note: Umlaut would like to state that, despite what VH1 says, Twisted Sister were NEVER Metal..)

Amazingly, Thor is STILL around. According to his web site:

"A new album, THOR Against The World has already been recorded, and should be unleashed very soon. This is Metal the way Metal SHOULD be - tapping into and channeling the very heart & soul of the genre! It's extremely catchy and addictive, with a timeless quality that will make it just as fresh decades from now as it will be on its release."

Ummm... I like cottage cheese... What? Oh, sorry... My brain shut off for a second there.

Umlaut would probably still enjoy seeing a Thor vs. Manowar Battle of the Bands if he had nothing better to do.

Thanks to Tour Manager Doug for the Thor update, I guess.