Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The World According To The Nuge

The following was posted by Ted Nugent on his official online forum under "Activism" [click for link]:

NUGE Administrator
posted 08-10-2005 09:04 PM

I pray to God that America & the world learns the truth about the brutal souless demonic savagery of the panfaced bowlcut squinty eyed scumJap punks that tortured, murderd, starved, stabbed, raped & brutalized innocent civilians & our American heroes on Battan, in the Phillipines, China, Manchuria & everywhere the little prix savaged people wherever they marched. We must never forget or forgive so that we keep our eyes on the little bastards so we never are vulnerable again. Dont trust em. Study their virtual evil on various A&E, Discovery, History channels & beyond. Their evil is beyond comprehension. Anyone who succumbs & accepts emporers cannot hav a soul. Japs can go to hell. Im profiling.

Uh oh... The Nuge is on to us Asians!

(For fun, count all of the spelling and punctuation errors The Nuge made eventhough he was using his native United States of American language..)

Of course, NOTHING else has happened in the world since the 1930's and 40's. It's funny 'cause The Nuge has squintier eyes than Asians when it comes to World History. He funny... He make me wraugh.


Of course, Umlaut has owned Double Live Gonzo on vinyl and seen The Nuge several times over the years (including once with Humble Pie supporting). However, this Asian Rocker sold all of his Nuge stuff and stopped supporting him years ago.

At least Umlaut is Chinese... Since The Nuge seems to mainly hate "Japs" I'm sure he'd let this "Chink" do his laundry or math homework.

My evil is beyond comprehension.


Hmmm... As of this morning The Nuge's "Japs Will Be Japs" forum posting has been pulled from his site. So, he'll shoot an arrow into a picture of Saddam Hussein onstage, but when it comes to excercising and defending his First Amendment [click for link] right as an American to be an douchebag he backs down. What a pussy.

Wango Tango.