Monday, September 05, 2005

Billion Dollar Babies

Umlaut friend Cindy and her family live in New Orleans (Trivia: Cindy's 1st concert was Alice Cooper on the Billion Dollar Babies Tour..). Despite everything that is going on, she took a moment to give us an update:

"You have to stand in line at the grocery store to get your chance to buy what little they have - like WWII or something. The sky has been colorless and hazy since the storm, like the white noise on most of the local TV stations that have gone off the air or are broadcasting through other channels."

"It's interesting that Umlaut picked up on the Danziger Bridge incident for the blog... I'm cooking for the Army Corps of Engineers now (because my good job is fucked) and some of the guys that got shot at were at my site yesterday."

"My friend has stayed the whole time in Algiers [click for link] so she wouldn't have to leave her 11 rescued dogs (!) and finally today, a full week after the storm, she has seen guardsmen who gave her food and water (She actually has her own, but for how long?)."

"She has had no electricity or air condition, and the neighborhood is really dangerous, especially at night. So I feel relieved for the military presence, and I'm sure she does too. She is going all around Algiers during the day feeding all of the abandoned pets with food she got out of a looted Breaux Mart [click for link]."

"I just worked 28 hours straight so I'm kind of loopy - what a great time for my post surgery vicodin to run out."

NoLa better get billions of dollars, baby... To rebuild and rise again! Umlaut still can't get his head around what's happened to his beloved Big Easy, but I'll be among the first to be there when the Cajun Phoenix rises. Take care, y'all.

"Billion dollar baby... Rotten little monster.. Baby, I adore you..."