Saturday, September 03, 2005

One Last Maiden Summer

Just when I thought Umlaut's Maiden Summer was over, it briefly flashed again with all the brilliance of an onstage pyrotechnic.

While eating dinner at a local restaurant, Umlaut spotted no less than 2 diners wearing Iron Maiden shirts in the establishment. By coincidence (or was it?!), earlier in the day Umlaut had received a DVD of the ITV UK broadcast of Maiden from last week's Reading Festival in England.

Vidcaps from the ITV broadcast:

Steve Harris and The Trooper (aka his young son) onstage at Reading

60,000 people screaming at The Trooper and his Dad

"The bugle sounds and the charge begins..."

Trivia: Maiden headlined Reading 2005 on August 28th... Which was exactly 23 years to the day since the last time they played Reading. Kinda cool, innit? Umlaut wasn't there, but he has a bootleg of it.

ALSO by coincidence (or was it?!): On this date (Sept. 3, 1983) Metallica played the final show of their first U.S. Tour at The Stone in San Francisco... Kinda cool, innit? Umlaut was there, but he doesn't have a bootleg of it.

$6.50..... (From the Umlaut Archives)