Thursday, September 01, 2005

Things This Week


Half Siamese.. Half Black Cat.. All Sweetie.

Despite The Sheriff's best guess (Evenflow? NOT..), Eddie The Kitty was named after THIS Eddie [click for link].


For firsthand accounts of what's going on go HERE and HERE [click for links].

"We heard from some of the police that live near us, they told us it was NOT SAFE- the local Walmart had been looted for guns and drugs."

The Big Easy needs Snake NOW.

MASTODON GETS KICKED OFF OZZFEST has received reports from sources close to the OZZFEST 2005 camp that 2nd Stage artists MASTODON have been kicked off the OZZFEST 2005 bill, and are no longer a part of the tour. The statement reportedly indicates that the band were (or have been) "destroying" things backstage while drunk and disorderly, and have been considered problematic. A more official announcement is expected shortly, as well as more details as to why MASTODON are no longer a part of OZZFEST 2005.

A couple of weeks ago it was Iron Maiden vs. Sharon Osbourne. Now the Southern Boys take her on. Maiden and Mastodon uber alles!!

12 Galaxies, S.F.
August 31, 2005

Unfortunately, I missed the afternoon instore (I mean "IN-THOR") appearance at Aquarius Records [click for link]. When I called Aquarius earlier in the week to confirm the instore (I mean IN-THOR) the guy said "Well, it's not really an instore... More like a performance and bending stuff.." (laughter).

On the way to the show, Timo told me about the transsexual mechanic named Turbo who worked on his truck's transmission. Turbo the Transsexual Transmission Mechanic?! C'mon! You can't make that shit up!!

Umlaut admits that he's considered Thor a joke since the early 80's.. But I now believe there is something very legit about him. Practically every Music Geek / Rocker friend of mine knows about Thor and even DEVO [click for link] are fans!

A cab pulled up in front of the club just as we got there. I wasn't paying attention to the cab's passengers until someone yelled "THOR!".. I looked up and Thor was walking in front of me into the club... and he was wearing a cape!

Thor approaches the stage! (Pic by Umlaut)

Later, Thor and his band walked past us as they made their way to the stage from the dressing room. When we raised our fists as they passed, Thor stopped to smile and shake our hands! Thor is THE nicest man in Rock!

Thor is cheesy...But Thor has been conquering stages since the 70's and still THROWS IT DOWN onstage in such a genuine way that he cannot be denied... and he has a sense of humor which only makes him more powerful. It looked like most of the crowd knew all of the songs and everyone was having a blast and had smiles on their faces.. including me! At only $9 this was THE best value-for-the-money show I've seen this year! The Stones and their ridiculous $500 tickets should take note.

Thor hits the stage! (Pic by Umlaut)

Thor changed masks and battle helmets for almost every song. Thor broke a mic stand in half and handed the pieces to fans! Thor battled a hooded skeleton demon onstage accompanied by a smoke machine! After playing "Thunder On The Tundra", Thor bent a 1/4" thick piece of steel with his teeth! Then he gave the bent piece of metal to a fan. You won't see that at a Franz Ferdinand concert!

Unfortunately, my camera packed it in a couple of songs into the set ("Card Read Error" bullshit). At the same time, Thor brandished a sword onstage and made a point to shake the hand of everyone standing in the front row. Thor is THE nicest man in Rock!

There were an inordinate number of denim vests in the crowd. If you had bought one of every Thor merch item you would have paid $80.. and after the show they were selling alot of merch. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. As he left the stage and walked past me, Thor shook my hand again. Thor is THE nicest man in Rock!

Epilogue: While driving to work this morning I noticed someone at a bus stop reading this week's issue of the SF Weekly... with its THOR COVER STORY! Click HERE to read the hilarious interview. When it rains it Thors!