Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's been well documented in this space that Umlaut has an Old School history with Metallica and Megadeth that dates back to when none of us could buy alcohol legally.

I know most Umlaut readers saw Some Kind Of Monster and its heart wrenching scene of a distraught Dave Mustaine of Megadeth admitting to the inadequacy he feels towards his former band. Despite selling over 15 million albums and being a millionaire Rock Star in his own right, Mustaine's painful revelation made it hard for Umlaut to digest his popcorn.

Recently Metallica taped an appearance for an upcoming episode of The Simpsons (click HERE to see the official announcement). Given the following item, the Megadeth vs. Metallica feud ain't over yet:

MEGADETH fan site Rattlehead HQ has been updated with several screenshots of MEGADETH's appearance the "Duck Dodgers" cartoon episode "In Space No One Can Hear You Rock/Ridealong Calamity", which aired this past Saturday (Nov. 5) on the Boomerang Channel. The following synopsis of the show was written by official MEGADETH forum user "Chicken Scratch":

"The Martians are trying to enslave earth with easy listening music using a saxaphone shaped space station. Duck Dodgers get the idea to thaw out Dave Mustaine from cryogenic storage and could not wait for him to thaw out so he put him in the microwave erasing his memory! They try to teach him how to play, headbang and even show him old tapes of MEGADETH but he does not remember. Then they set up a stage out in space for 'MEGADUCK' to play (Dave, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Dr IQ High). They suck so the MEGADUCK logo explodes leaving the MEGADETH logo on the stage and the real MEGADETH is on stage and Dave remembers everything. Then they go into the song."

Uhhh, all Umlaut wants to know is why does the animated Dave Mustaine have tits? Thanks to Old Metal Marc for sending this Umlaut's way.