Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Week In Music Geek

This week in Music Geek features Green Day. Back on October 13th the local boys played an intimate hometown show at The Warfield. It was an amazing night. A special event shirt was sold at the gig, but the expected poster didn't happen... or did it?

#68 of 200

The band commissioned a limited edition of 200 posters to commemorate the night. Each was signed and individually numbered by the artist (Chris Bilheimer - Who also designed the American Idiot album artwork). As far as Umlaut knows, these were only given out within the Green Day inner circle. Trivia: The flag that makes up the background of the print was the band's backdrop when they hit the stage that night.

Printing was done by eco-friendly Drowning Creek Studio and this is honestly one of the nicest silkscreened Rock posters I've ever seen. It measures a Lock 'N Loll worthy 26 1/2" x 15" and the colors bleed together like a watercolor painting. No, it's not as hipster as a Kozik design, but the quality of the print and paper is better than most Kozik's I've ever seen.

Muchas gracias to Tour Manager Doug. The Geeks shall inherit the Earth.