Sunday, April 04, 2010

Starf*cker '92

As the header of this space says, Umlaut was a xeroxed zine from 1992-95. Like most who grew up in the loving embrace of Mass Media, Umlaut is not above being a starfucker when the opportunity presents itself... and this was especially true back in 1992:

Legendary author Harry Crews (The Gospel Singer, A Childhood, Blood And Grits, The Knockout Artist, etc.) at Printer's Ink, Palo Alto, CA with Umlaut #2. Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Lydia Lunch named their 1989 side band Harry Crews.

Fresh-faced Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly of Neurosis with Umlaut #2 at Brave New World (R.I.P.) in San Franfuckincisco. Umlaut went on tour a couple of times with the East Bay crusties before they became the influential volume legends that they are today.. Epic times, dude.

Metallica's Kirk Hammett with Umlaut #4 backstage at the Cow Palace, S.F.. Metallica had just played the first of two homecoming shows on the Black Album Tour and had the #1 Album in the country. The Glory Days before Napster and band therapists.

James Hetfield of Metallica with Umlaut #4 backstage at the Cow Palace, S.F.. The Rock God of his generation years before Napster and band therapists. Umlaut and Hetfield actually had a really profound conversation; it was the first time we'd seen each other in around 8 years.

Old Umlaut friends Greg and John prepare to have Laibach autograph Umlaut #5. The Slovenian industrial legends were confused.

Dave Edwardson of Neurosis and Umlaut #5 hanging out at a Melvins / Helmet show at F/X (R.I.P.) in downtown San Jose. I'd probably been drinking.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth with Umlaut #5 on the Megadeth tour bus in San Jose, CA. Umlaut was interviewing Mustaine for the book Metallica: Unbound (Note the "professional" notepad and cassette recorder); the interview can be found on pages 43-45 of the book.

1992: Good times, man. Good times. I miss those glue stick 'n paper cut 'zine days sometimes. Yeah, online shit is way easier, but I'd like to see you kidz get photos of Rock Stars posing with your blog... Just saying.