Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Easter Bunny

This is one of my favorite paintings:

It was done by Umlaut friend Labrie and I took this photo of it in his old flat in San Franfuckincisco almost 4 years ago. The painting is based on an old family photo of Labrie and his sister with The Easter Bunny when they were kids. Fast forward to a little over a week ago and I was in The Haight for an appointment. When I entered the reception area of the place I looked up and almost fell over... because this was the sight that greeted me:

W... T... F!? It turned out Labrie had loaned a couple of his paintings to the business to display. It was one of those moments when I felt my life coming full circle or something. Trippy!

"Here comes Peter Cottontail... hopping down the bunny trail..."