Monday, January 30, 2006

This Week In Music Geek

Umlaut has been listening to Boris alot recently. Besides their Psychedelic Stoner heaviness, how can you not appreciate the band's Music Geek ways:

Boris - Akuma No Uta (Southern Lord Records - 2003)

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter (Island Records - 1970)

A homage, if you will. Damn... Umlaut wishes he could be in Tokyo next weekend for the Boris / Acid King show. I hope Acid King brings me back some Boris merch (Hint, Hint... XOXO...).


While flipping channels waiting for 24 to come on, Umlaut stumbled onto VH1 Classic's Metal Mania showing the Scorpions 'Big City Nights' video (the live version from World Wide Live)... and any Indie Cool Kid Cred that the above might have generated was blown by my Scorpions Geek Out...

"Kome on Kaleeeforneeahh!! Zouu keep me bahhnnninnng!!"

"Special Seating": Cow Palace, S.F. - 4/30/84 (From the Umlaut Archives)

At the time, Big Wayne's sister worked for Winterland Productions (R.I.P.) and she set us up for the Scorps show.. Love At First Sting Tour... Pretty cool.

"Kaleeeforneeahh! Zhere's no von like zouuu!!"