Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Road To God Knows Heather

Most of Umlaut's friends know that I'm a longtime Nick Cave fan. Cave's 1989 tour documentary The Road To God Knows Where has FINALLY been released on DVD. It's coupled with the great 1992 Live At The Paradiso, which is also getting its digital debut. Fookin' gleat stuff, dontchaknow!

The Road To God Knows Where is a classic "life on the road" Rock documentary... It captures the day-to-day monotony of the seemingly glamorous Lock 'N Loll Lifestyle. However, what makes The Road To God Knows Where special for Umlaut is the footage shot at The Oasis in San Jose, California on February 27, 1989. WHY? Because the artwork of Umlaut friend Heather was caught on film:

Some of Heather's paintings were hanging in the club and they appear during the classic 'Another Day, Another PA' scene (as it's called on the DVD) of the film. Basically, Cave and crew find the San Jose PA substandard and Cave utters the line "It's too small...". An argument ensues between Cave and his tour manager and the club's sound guy during which the sound guy says the classic line "A system like this works for the Flock Of Seagulls.."

For those who care, Cave's setlist in San Jose that night was:
  • From Her To Eternity
  • Long Time Man
  • Your Funeral, My Trial
  • Deanna
  • I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
  • Jack's Shadow
  • Mercy
  • The Mercy Seat
  • Knocking On Joe
  • City Of Refuge
  • The Singer
  • By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  • Saint Huck
  • New Morning
Fast forward to 1992.....

For better or worse, the above Cave show (on the same tour as the Live At Paradiso show) was reviewed in Issue 6 of Umlaut:

"Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Warfield, S.F. - Aug. 9, 1992

Why go to another concert??? None. None more intense. The Bass Ale and Genuine Draft was warm and flat. On the way back to the car some pimply-faced Peter Murphy fans called us fags. I told them P.M. couldn't carry Cave's jock. Blixa was suave as fuck and didn't sweat."

About a month after that Cave show I was involved in a serious car accident. Near death sorta stuff... I came THAT close to never knowing The Internet... and you were THAT close to never reading this blog... but since that accident I've seen another 7 or 8 Cave shows. Yep.. I'm one lucky mofo any way you look at it.

"I ain't down here for your money, I'm down here for your soul.."