Sunday, May 14, 2006

Head For Boarding Pass

Sent to Umlaut by Tour Manager Doug ("TMD") via Blackberry from the Oakland Airport:

"I'm standing in line for my flight to Burbank. The plane pulls in at our gate. People start to get off and one of them is Kirk Hammett. I chuckle to myself about him flying Southwest on a Supersaver fare. As I'm getting back to my book I hear someone say "Boy, they'll let anybody on these planes" and look up to see Mike Dirnt coming off the same plane. Quite the high rock star quotient on Southwest today. How many millions of records have those 2 combined for?"

Penny-Pinching Millionaire Rock Stars Rule! This was almost as good as when Umlaut called TMD when he was on tour in Poland to tell him his beloved Tommy Lasorda was waiting with me to get on an LAX > SFO flight. Click HERE to relive that magical moment.

"We were strangers in the night, both on separate flights, strangers in the night... going nowhere."