Saturday, May 20, 2006

Marshall Stack

Umlaut's old buddy John Marshall rehearses with Metallica during the 1992 stadium tour with Guns 'N Roses:

Umlaut saw the tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and it was badass seeing John in front of 90,000 people. Motörhead opened the show but Metallica ruled the day by far, despite Guns 'N Roses having Andrew Dice Clay perform a comedy set before they came out.

Highlights: Chatting with John and James at the band's swank Hollywood hotel... And a packed stadium chanting "Die, Die, Die!" during 'Creeping Death' as LAPD riot cops marched down the center aisle of the stadium to ensure crowd control.

Lowlights: Lars whining to the band's tour manager at their swank Hollywood hotel... And me getting bumped out of a limo ride to the show by an English reporter from NME.

Good times.