Friday, June 02, 2006

Frontier Village

Frontier Village was a Western-themed amusement park that existed in San Jose, California from 1961-80.

Click HERE for a GREAT Frontier Village web site (THANKS to Capt. Fireball).

On a visit in the early-70's, Umlaut went trout "fishing" at the Frontier Village Trout Pond. After the attendant baited my hook it wasn't long before I caught a trout. Once I hooked the fish, the attendant helped me "land" it. He then picked the fish up, wrapped it in a towel, and hit it with a pair of pliers to make sure it was dead. Then my "catch" was put on ice in a plastic bag and presented to me to take home. No childhood trauma there!

After all these years, it was funny to learn that I was far from the only child to be horrified at the Trout Pond. Click HERE to read other accounts of Trout Trauma.